The Icelandic Countdown

Today is 73 days until myself, CLB and two of our friends embark on our trip to Iceland and now we’ve booked our excursions I’m so super excited!!


We are headed to Reykjavík for three nights in December and decided that the best way to see the sights that are top of the list is booking a pre-packaged option. We chose the 5 for 4: Winter Wonderland Day Tour Package via Iceland Travel which includes:

Arrival Airport Transfer

Northern Lights Mystery

Golden Circle Classic

The Blue Lagoon Direct 

Departure Airport Transfer

We have to book the Blue Lagoon entrance ticket separately but apart from that and researching some good restaurants in the city then we are as good as ready!

Lets hope the next 72 days go quickly!


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  1. Khtraveltime says:

    I’m heading to Iceland and was wondering how much this package costs?

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    1. Hey there, it’s 172€ so approx. £150. I think it’s really good value considering it also includes your airport transfers too.


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