2017 Travel Plans

I don’t generally set New Year’s Resolutions however if I did they would no doubt be travel related. In place of this I’m just going to have fun, go on adventures and travel as much as possible…sounds alright eh!

This year’s travels begin in February, with a short weekend trip to Hamburg where I’m meeting up with a bestie of mine who is currently residing in Portugal…any ‘burg tips are very welcome 🙂 Then that’ll be Germany added to my 30 Before 30 list, and a step closer to completing the challenge.

The next plans that are currently in motion is my honeymoon in October; this is a complete surprise arranged by the fiancé (CLB some of you regular readers will know him as) but I do know it’ll be a fortnight long and two brand new countries – I’m so unbelievably excited…the countdown is already on!

Other than that maybe a weekend away here and there…so hello 2017, lets get this show on the road 🙂

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