I thought I’d do a quick little post about who I am as my About Me section doesn’t really divulge that much…

I am a twenty-something lady who resides in London with my fiancé, who as you’ve probably noticed, is referred to as CLB in my posts…we are getting married in the autumn which is super, super exciting! My Monday to Friday working life is spent in East London in the Film/TV Industry.

As you would have guessed I love to travel and this blog is to share my wanderings, meanderings and general out and about-ness for all of you to read about but also as some kind of memory box as I grow older (and wiser :D). Travel for me doesn’t necessarily mean flying abroad to far away places, it is also adventures closer to home, even in London.

This year I’m aiming to complete my 30 Before 30 challenge – the deadline is 30th November 2017!

So, keep and eye out for blog pieces, Tweets and Facebook posts and as always, if you have any specific queries just shout!