Happy Snapper

On the weekend I went to a DSLR beginners photography class run by DSLR Photography Courses, based near Wimbledon.

I’ve had a Canon 1200D for a little while now but always find myself shooting in auto mode, but no longer! We learnt all about shutter speed, aperture, IOS, and the focus. These skills shall stay with me forever and I’m even thinking about doing the intermediate course after I’ve practiced for a bit as I enjoyed it so much 😊

If you, like me, love to shoot on a DSLR but have forever been doing so on auto then why not treat yourself; if your 4-hr class is anything like mine then you’ll be just as excited about capturing your next trip away. György László who ran the course was professional yet fun, so it didn’t feel like I was back at school, and there were only six of us students which was fab.

Learning all these new skills means I can finally (and hopefully) get the best out of my travel photography – I certainly am a happy snapper kind of traveler! I can’t promise my next trip (Hamburg) will produce noticeably different images but I sure do hope so! Now, which lens do I purchase next 😋

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Wow indeed these skills will come in handy.
    Just that it will be a hobby that needs funding though!

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