Gift Ideas for Travellers

The festive season of 2018 is finally upon us and with Christmas just around the corner here’s some gift ideas for travellers in your life…

Scratch Map
I love my scratch map that I received many years ago. This map of the world allows you to scratch off the countries you’ve visited, so each time I take a trip I get it out and scratch another off… seeing the progress over the years has helped to drive my desire to see the world. It also looks great on the wall and serves as a conversation piece for visitors!

Packing Cubes
These bags are super handy, allowing you to sort your luggage into different compartments and compress them down into your case or backpack. They are especially useful on longer trips where you have to cram multiple items of clothing, ranging from small to large, into your bag. When travelling between multiple destinations I like to organise different ‘groups’ into separate cubes for different parts of the trip such as swimwear and cold weather clothing.

Travel Towel
Whether travelling near or far, a microfibre travel towel is an essential piece of kit. No more smelly wet towels being shoved into your case, as these dry so fast they’ll be ready by the time you’ve put your clothes on post shower! They dry best when hung outdoors on a line, and also pack up extremely small so won’t take up too much packing space.

Day Pack
Osprey is my no.1 bag brand, they don’t just do excellent large backpacking bags, their day packs are just as good. A classic and breathable lightweight design makes for a brilliant combination, with separate sections in the main compartment allowing you keep muddy trainers away from your clothes. There’s a pocket for valuables or essentials at the front, and two slots for drinks bottles, which all combine to make this a great option for people on the move.

TSA Lock
Don’t get caught out on at the airport with a non-TSA lock as they may well cut your bag open when it heads to the hold! These nifty devices allow your bag to be opened, checked and closed by airport staff with no disruption. They also ensure your luggage is protected when it’s away from you, for example in a hostel while you’re out and about. I use them on all my cases or bags when I travel.

Jewellery Case
One issue that I used to find a constant hassle was travelling with jewellery. I would end up with knotted necklaces and lost rings, and find myself rummaging at the bottom of my bag for earrings. A small jewellery case will help you organise those essentials and keep them safe on your travels. You can thank me later!

Travel Book
Everyone needs a little inspiration in their life, and this will give you just that. This book features a two page entry on every country in the world, containing information such as the top tourist spots, a map, the best time of year to visit plus other useful information such as local food delicacies to sample. It’s more of an overview, so I would still recommend a specific guidebook for a particular destination, but this offers all kinds of inspiration for planning your next trip.

Personalised Wash Bag
Something a little more personal for my last idea, a wash bag detailed with a name of your choice makes a lovely gift for a close friend or family member.

And there we have it, 8 lovely gift ideas for your traveling friends and family. Let me know if you purchase anything, and most importantly enjoy the shopping!

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