How To Travel On A Limited Budget

For many people, one of their biggest dreams is to travel the world, but as we all know, travel isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to do. Between flights, domestic travel when at your destination, daily costs such as food, entertainment, and even things like visas and insurance, the costs can all mount up quickly. However, if you plan accordingly, then you don’t need to be a millionaire to travel the world, and even if you’re on a tight or limited budget, there are still plenty of ways you can avoid roughing it if you prefer a bit of luxury or at least some creature comforts when traveling. In this post, I want to share with you how to travel on a limited budget.

Shop Around
Flights can often be the biggest cost when it comes to traveling, so instead of just booking the first flight you come across, it’s best to search the internet for the best deals you can find – and there’s certainly no shortage of them. By using search engines such as Skyscanner and Google Flights, you can often find amazing deals on flights if you book in advance, and even more so if you’re willing to endure longer layovers or multiple stops.

Try Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is a highly popular way for travelers to get really cheap or free accommodation during their travels, and is a great way to get to know some locals. You can download the free Couchsurfing app on your iOS or Android device and look for people who will offer you a room or couch to stay on during your stay. Typically you will offer to share the costs of food and help out with the cleaning, but this is a wonderful way to meet new people who will be able to offer you a real insight into the country or city you’re staying in.

Stay at Hostels
Hostels once had a reputation as being dingy and cheap places to stay, and although they’re still amazingly cheap compared to hotels, the facilities available in many of them now rival some top hotels. You can, not only find really affordable accommodation, but since they’re catered to travelers, you’ll meet a lot of people who are traveling and can also get great deals on trips and will find that many hostels offer great social events to help travelers get to know each other.

Work as You Go
If you’d like to travel for a longer period and have a limited budget, then a great way to fund your travels is by picking up odd jobs as you go. Nowadays thanks to the internet, this is actually becoming a lifestyle choice for many people who refer to themselves as digital nomads and basically live around the world by working from their laptop or by doing jobs in the country they’re in. Please be aware that to find work in most countries, you’ll need the correct permission. A Working Visa in Australia, for example, will be required if you intend to undertake any work during your stay, so make you have this ahead of time to avoid issues.

Avoid Tourist Traps
If you want to save money during your travels, then tourist hotspots are not the places to be going. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the famous sights, but if you want to see the places where the locals go to eat, for example, then you’ll need to do some research before your trip. Not only will this save you money, but will make your trip overall more authentic.

There you have it, some tips to get you sorted! Also check out my resources page if you’d like any further details.


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