24 Hours in Kobe

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We had about 24 hours in Kobe, which was initially a concern, but turned out to be the perfect amount of time in the city.

From Hiroshima we jumped aboard another Shinkansen for the 1 hour 15 minute journey to Kobe. Yet again, it was a simple and painless journey with pre-booked seats and seamless boarding. 

Hostel Yume-Nomad Kobe was where we were to lay our head for the night. As usual we booked a private room with en-suite, and our rate included a welcome drink in the communal lounge downstairs too. 

Our room was more on the traditional side, this was right up my street with tatami mats and a mattress on the floor, and considering we weren’t able to stay in a Ryokan during our trip I was glad we managed at least this!

Our train arrived into Kobe around lunchtime so we headed to the hostel to drop off our bags and venture out for a bite to eat. Luckily for us there was a small restaurant just up the road that was doing a lunchtime curry deal, of course we couldn’t say no to this!

After lunch we checked into the hostel, freshened up then headed into the centre of Kobe to check it out and get some dinner. One of the reasons for wanting to go to Kobe was for CLB to try the famous Kobe Beef it was either too pricey or the restaurants had no veggie options for me. Alas, we succumbed to a lovely little Italian for a big bowl of pasta and a red wine instead!

The following morning we were up and out the hostel with our bags; dropping them to the Kobe station lockers before heading toward  the other reason we stopped off in Kobe: Mount Maya.

Mount Maya is accessed firstly via a ropeway then a cable car, and it sits 690m above Kobe so you can just imagine how wonderful the views are.

Many people that we met took the cable car up to the top and then ran back down the mountain, but not us, we returned via transportation before heading back to the station. We still had some time before our train and located not far from the station is Nunobiki Falls so we visited that before grabbing a bite to eat and boarding our train, Kyoto bound!


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