Exploring Hakone

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Our final two nights before heading back to Tokyo, and then onwards to South Korea were to be spent exploring Hakone. This town located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park  is mostly famous for two things; Mount Fuji and Onsen (hot springs).

Using our Japan Rail Pass we took a couple of trains to get from Kyoto to Hakone-Yumoto station. This journey takes roughly a couple of hours, and if you’re lucky/it’s clear enough, you’ll spot Mount Fuji from the train – unfortunately for us it was too overcast.

Located a 10 minute steep uphill walk, or a 3 minute bus ride, from the station is Guesthouse Azito, which became our home for our two night stay whilst exploring Hakone. Our unusual accommodation was made up of little tree-house style capsule rooms, and I loved it!

We had one full day and two half days to see Hakone, and I couldn’t wait to get out and about to see what was on offer in this small town.

Day One
On arrival in Hakone we dropped our bags off at our accommodation and spent the next couple of hours walking around the town. We also took in some local delicacies, such as the very tasty Hakone Manju – a sponge cake filled with sweet white bean paste.

Following check-in we took advantage of our free included beverage and then headed back to town for a seafood dinner at Kinosuke.

Day Two
Today would be the day we would finally get to visit an Onsen, and I was so excited. As CLB has tattoos we had to do some research on which one could we visit (no all let tattooed people in) and thankfully this research led us to the wonderful Tenzan Onsen. Located a short bus ride away we spent a few hours hot spring haven. Separated by gender due to being naked, we bathed independently in hot outdoor pools surrounded by nature; utter bliss.

After such a relaxing time we were ready for a bite to eat so headed to a small cafe called Timuny in the town for a (very) late lunch. The rest of the day disappeared before us and after a late dinner at our guesthouse we turned in for an early night.

Day Three

Today we were up early to jump on a bus to Lake Ashi to try and get a glimpse of the elusive Mount Fuji. On arrival it appeared we wouldn’t be so lucky but with some time to kill before having to grab our bags and get the train to Tokyo, we decided to take a boat ride on the lake.

As we cruised around Lake Ashi the clouds began to move and we were extremely lucky to see the tip of Mount Fuji – I could not believe my eyes!

It was the perfect end to a wonderful relaxing couple of days in Hakone! Before we knew it we were back on a train, and Tokyo bound for one more night in Japan.


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