I’ve been thinking for a while now about how to let you all know not only about my trips but also how I pull together all the information when planning an adventure along with the booking sites I use, and thus this travel resources page was born!

The first thing I do after booking a trip is order a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide book to help my research kick start – they also look nice on the bookshelf after said trip!

In addition Go Wonder is a great community for Female travellers with a friendly group on Facebook too. Members have so much knowledge and often questions and queries are answered within a matter of minutes.

Travel blogs are a great resource also, often with top tips and information that comes in super useful.

Accommodation* and along with hotel comparison site Trivago are my first port of call but I will also look at hotel websites directly and in addition compare them with an apartment on Airbnb before booking. I pretty much always check Trip Advisor for reviews too before paying any money.

*If you want to book on use this link and you’ll get £15 off

Occasionally I will also book a package consisting of both flights and accommodation, obviously only if it works out cheaper than booking separately, in this instance I’d head over to Expedia.

I mostly using flight comparison sites but before booking will double check prices by looking direct at airlines just incase they have a sneaky deal on. Skyscanner and Momondo are my go-to sites.

In the UK The Train Line is my go-to for train travel, and when in Asia 12 Go Asia is a must – this handy travel booking service will help so much when planning routes and seeing what is available, it was invaluable for us during The Big Trip. It isn’t just for booking trains either but also buses, ferries, transfers and flights.

For city breaks try the local tourist information websites and if all else fails Google can work wonders if the search criteria is exact!

And of course I’m very happy to help out so give me a shout if you have any questions.